A collaboration between Advanced Technology International and MOLOT has resulted in the ATI/MOLOT VEPR, a semi-automatic, AK-style hunting rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. In his review of the ATI/MOLOT VEPR for the 2014 Gun Buyer’s Annual, Dr. Martin Topper examined the rifle’s Eastern design origins.
Built on the thick RPK light-machine-gun receiver, the VEPR carries distinguishing characteristics similar to AK-style rifles and the Dragunov sniper rifle. “The operating system and controls of the VEPR are very similar to that of the AK,” Topper noted. “The short-stroke gas piston and gas block are located above the bore. Both the piston and block are chrome-plated to resist corrosion.” A 10-round “Dragunov-style,” polymer magazine adds to the VEPR’s list of shared traits with other Russian-made rifles.

While not every import/design partnership results in perfect AK-style rifles for U.S. distribution, the VEPR’s durable construction and precise fit made Topper an instant fan. “The quality control of the VEPR and its ATI aftermarket stock and forend were very good. Everything fit well, and there were no signs of tool marks or uneven edges,” noted Topper. “When the rifle was field-stripped it was clear that all of the parts were properly fitted—there were no tool marks, poorly-formed parts or other imperfections.”

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