Auto-Ordnance has been building standard, competition and custom 1911 models since the 1990s. With an ever-crowded field of competitors for the classic .45 ACP sidearm, reviewer Dennis Adler decided to test Auto-Ordnance’s 1911TC for the 2014 Gun Buyer’s Annual to see how the pistol separated itself from the field.

On first impression, the stainless 1911TC’s well-constructed frame and tight fit caught Adler’s attention. “What the new Auto-Ordnance 1911TC adds to the legendary Government Model is a superb level of fit, finish and ease of operation that standard production 1911 models generally do not exhibit,” Adler said. Noting Auto-Ordnance’s choice to use a pre-1911A1 model design, Adler noted a series of custom features that come standard on this pistol. “The pistol has an extended beavertail with a wide, rounded up-turn at the back and a pressure point block in the grip safety that firmly seats into the hand below the thumb.”

On the range, the 1911TC performed with the reliability that has long been associated with the standard 1911 design. “The 1911TC has a firm but smooth slide action that only demands modest effort to operate when clearing the gun or loading the first round,” Adler noted. “The slide release is similarly easy to operate, and only moderate thumb pressure is required to drop the slide on the reload.”

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