Dozier Thorn

Bob Dozier offers a redesign of his near-perfect Thorn folding dagger.

Dozier’s original Thorn design was heralded as a near-perfect folder design. Tactical Knives’ Phil Elmore described the original Dozier Thorn as “a slim, almost elegant folding dagger” as he prepared to review knife-maker Bob Dozier’s reimagined Thorn for the March 2014 issue of TK. With expectations for the new Thorn clearly high, Dozier delivered another impressive design. According to Elmore, “If the original Thorn was elegant, Dozier’s reimagined version of it is more so. This is simply a beautiful folding dagger.” Elmore goes on to say, “Its lines are clean, it is a very good size for a utility and defensive folding knife and it exhibits excellent (and excellently simple) ergonomics.”
In the field, Elmore noted one of the design differences between the original Thorn and the new model: the elimination of a double-guard in favor of a swell in the handle design. This discussion of grip design also brought Elmore to praise the Dozier Thorn’s cutting ability, saying, “The spear point blade excels when it comes to thrusting the knife deeply into a target. While it has only a small amount of ‘belly’ for slicing, the curve of the blade is generous by dagger standards, making it an able cutter.”
For the full review, check out the March 2014 issue of Tactical Knives, available on newsstands and digitally November 19, 2013. To subscribe, go to

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