The Hogue EX-04 tactical folder is a collaboration between Hogue and custom knife-maker Allen Elishewitz. This collaboration has brought about several design changes, most notably the inclusion of G-Mascus handgun grip material into Hogue’s Extreme Series designs.
To put the Hogue EX-04 to a true everyday-carry test, Tactical Knives’ Tim Stetzer, decided to carry dueling 4-inch versions of the tactical folder over a period of two months. Sporting upswept- and Wharncliffe-style blades on his EX-04s, Stetzer immediately noted improved handing in the EX-04 design thanks to the new grip material. “It’s a superbly comfortable handle, and the G-Mascus, with its lightly bead-blasted finish, gives a good grip either wet or dry,” noted Stetzer. “My hand locks solidly into place on the knife and I always felt firmly in control, even when doing powerful stabs and slashes with it.”

After two months of everyday use, Stetzer came away with a renewed respect for the Extreme Series and the EX-04’s design. “The combination of good handle design and edge geometry, along with an excellent factory edge, made the EX-04s very efficient cutting machines,” said Stetzer in his review.

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