In the March 2014 issue of Tactical Knives, Tim Stetzer discovered a new type of automatic that’s been added to the Smith & Wesson brand in his “Make Mine Automatic” column. The M&P 1600 (derived from S&W’s Military & Police line) is an 8-inch, 4.4-ounce, push-button automatic knife made by Taylor Cutlery.

Available in several versions, including a drop-point model and a tanto model, Stetzer found the M&P 1600 an easy everyday carry with thoughtful ergonomics. “A set of longitudinal grooves along with the slightly arched contour of the handle allows for a firm, secure grip,” said Stetzer. “It’s a comfortable knife to use and one I felt comfortable using even in inclement weather and when my hands were sweaty.”

In action, Stezter was equally impressed with the M&P 1600’s performance. “Your thumb falls naturally onto the firing button of the knife as you draw it from your pocket,” noted Stetzer. “The spring tension on the 1600 is just right. It kicks the blade open quickly and with some authority, but without excessive recoil so you aren’t worried about trying to hold on to the knife as you open.”

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