“The Rossi Model R97206 is one gun you can count on when you open the box,” stated Stan Trzoniec in his review of the .357 Magnum Rossi revolver for the 2014 Gun Buyer’s Annual. The six-shot, 35-ounce revolver sports a stainless finish and a 6-inch barrel, allowing Rossi to offer a reliable big-bore revolver design to reignite the revolver-versus-autopistol debate once again.
Through his review of the Rossi revolver, Trzoniec became impressed with the gun’s balance and overall design. “The finish on the gun is even all around and done in a polished stainless that is perfect for all-day outdoor use,” said Trzoniec. “When shooting the gun, the distance from the hammer and trigger is very comfortable, and the design of the triggerguard is large enough to accommodate winter gloves if desired.” Well-finished charge holes add another complement to the Rossi R97206’s design as they ensure easy cartridge extraction from the revolver’s cylinder.
Between the revolver’s striking appearance and the number of .357 Magnum cartridge choices on the market, Trzoniec was quick to understand the popularity of both among shooters. He said of the Rossi R97206 in his review, “Owing to its bright finish, it is also a solid option as a home defense gun—intruders will quickly think twice once they get a good look at the glint of this gun.”

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