Steel Bin-Die Hard Stainless
Steel Bin-Die Hard Stainless

In the “Steel Bin” column for March 2014’s Tactical Knives, Durwood Hollis explored the T5MoV family of stainless alloys. This family of alloys can typically be found in perhaps the most arduous work environment for a small knife—the kitchen—and Hollis sought to understand how these alloys withstood the everyday punishment that have made them popular with knife makers like A.G. Russell and Boker.

The strength of T5MoV can be found not only in its performance, but also in its affordability,” wrote Hollis in his review. “On several occasions, I’ve used a Boker Arbolito skinning knife, which featured a T5MoV blade. Frankly, I was more than satisfied with not only how well the knife functioned, but also the value received for the initial cost.”

Composed of 0.50 percent carbon, 14 percent chromium, 0.35 percent molybdenum and 0.15 percent vanadium, the T5MoV alloy wins over many of its fans through its impressive cost-to-durability ratio. “Most certainly, T5MoV isn’t some kind of exotic wonder steel,” said Hollis. “It doesn’t take a degree in metallurgy to know that many other blade steels can offer superior performance. However, when you compare both function and cost, T5MoV is definitely up to the challenge.”

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