The growing number of female participants in the U.S. shooting community has quickly translated into a number of self-defense and competition firearms being produced with the specific needs and comfort of the female shooter in mind. STI’s Elektra model is a standout among these, offering a 1911-style design alongside custom ergonomics and design accents. Barbara Baird reviewed the STI Elektra for the 2014 Gun Buyer’s Annual, and her attraction to the 9mm pistol was immediate
Pearly-style grips (available in a variety of colors) give the STI Elektra a distinguishing look, something Baird noted in her review. “When I first saw STI’s Elektra gleaming under fluorescent lights, I realized immediately that it was a gun that I wanted to test on the range.” This affectation carried through to the firing line, where Baird noted the Elektra’s reduced weight (thanks to an aluminum frame) and subdued recoil due to STI’s inclusion of a RecoilMaster recoil spring assembly in the pistol’s design.

“I’ve had experience with several guns designed for women that seemed to me to be nothing more than a basic gun with a new finish. The Elektra, however, is different,” Baird noted. “I can’t write enough good things about the trigger system’s short, quick, smooth feel.”

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