Cutting Edge Bullets has announced the release of their Personal Home Defense (PHD) line.

Each shot in your target results in five chances at causing trauma to the vitals – not just one. After 1 .5 – 2″ of penetration, the 4 blades are engineered to break off and radiate out in a star pattern, greatly increasing trauma and the chance vitals will be damaged. Meanwhile, the sharp edged, non-deforming Blunt Trauma Base™ continues on for straight-line penetration. No other personal defense bullet even comes close to delivering this level of extreme trauma.

Precision turned from copper on CNC lathes, they are offered in: 5.7mm/32 grain, 9mm/90, .357/105, .40/120, .41 /135, .44/150 and .45/150. All calibers 9mm and above – offer similar performance to the .45-150 as shown and described.

For more information about the new PHD line, contact Ken Kempa:

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