Illinois Concealed Carry
Illinois Concealed Carry

Illinois State Police are letting some residents fill out the online concealed carry application early ahead of the official opening on Jan. 5.

“In order to test the integrity of the system, we decided to open the application process to firearm instructors in advance of January 5, in order to beta test the system and its functionality,” Col. Marc Maton of Illinois State Police said.

The move brought in roughly 900 applications, which isn’t anywhere near the volume of gun owners anticipated to apply. Therefore, the State Police have confirmed they are letting another group of people apply early.

“On Thursday, we will allow those individuals who have already received training, and have obtained electronic fingerprints, to proceed with completing the application process,” said Maton. “This further test will provide a really true capacity test for the system.”

Illinois State Police also said a new law taking effect Wednesday requires gun owners to report any lost or stolen firearms. The law also stipulates that gun sales between private citizens be approved by the State Police.

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