Comment(s) wishes all of our readers and viewers a great and safe New Year. Americans who have accepted the responsibility of defending themselves and their families from harm will undoubtedly face new challenges in 2014, challenges perhaps beyond those we have had to successfully overcome in 2013.

For every single life saved by active self-defense, we are still judged as a group based on the singular, doped-up sociopath that, although usually well-identified as a potential threat to others, is not removed from society and then performs acts of violence with a firearm. While the White House has made it clear that “anecdotes” differ from “the facts,” gun owners have been singled out by the politicized media as social antagonists based on the actions of a fraction of a percent of firearm users (anecdotal information) instead of acknowledging the overwhelming data (the facts) that concealed carry and firearms used for self-defense have successfully protected millions of Americans. As a result, 2014 may pose new challenges to preserve our unique Second Amendment rights and our ability as Americans to ensure our safety by the concealed carry or the defense of our homes with firearms.

Yes, we have experienced tragedies in our country in 2013, and many Americans are prideful that they can quote chapter and verse of each one with emphasis on the horrible loss of life. However, ask any of them for just one name, or even the number of service men and women or law enforcement personnel killed in 2013, and you will receive blank stares.

For 2014, make it a dawn of a fresh year so we can renew our commitment to be the Americans our founding fathers wanted. We should be strong and armed to overcome any threat to our families while making sure our service personnel are well thanked and cared for during their tours of duty, and not only warmly welcomed when they return, but offered jobs and positions to get them back in our society.

Our American right to bear arms for self-defense is clearly and unambiguously stated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We at are committed to supporting this ability that many have fought and died to protect and uphold. We will continue to assist every American’s ability to responsibly defend themselves, their homes and their families from criminals and acts of violence. We will present the best firearms, gear and training together with stories—your stories—of our citizens and first responders who have had to face armed criminals and defend themselves as a last resort.

Please help us by continuing to provide valuable information, news, products and by sharing your self-defense stories to help us publish examples of the necessity of armed self-defense, and to let us know what you would like to see in our magazines and on our websites. We at wish everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year.

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