Auto-Ordnance/Thompson, part of the Kahr family, has been making iconic firearms for years. Of course, it only makes sense then for its engineers to design a 1911, but the 1911TC only has an MSRP of $813. So how did they do it? In the upcoming March 2014 issue of Combat Handguns, author Rich Grassi tests one and gives us a full report.
Grassi writes, “The frame of the 1911TC is cast stainless steel… The slide is stainless steel fashioned from bar stock. Using modern machining methods, the costs are held down because hand-fitting is all but eliminated. The machine-checkered frontstrap (20 lines per inch) helps you hang on, as does the checkered laminate stocks. A ‘Thompson bullet’ logo disc is fitted into the stocks. The front and rear sights are installed in machined dovetail slots. Slanted grasping grooves are cut into the slide front and rear. The Thompson marking on the slide (and the other markings) are laser-engraved.”

So how did this marvel of modern manufacturing perform at the range? To learn more about the Auto-Ordnance 1911TC, check out the March 2014 issue of Combat Handguns, available on newsstands and digitally December 17, 2013. To subscribe, go to

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