No company better embodies the term “tacti-cool” than Revision Military, makers of professional-grade eye and head protection that’s both purpose-built for max ballistic protection and ultra-stylized for a sleek, no-nonsense look. Long a leader in ocular high-tech, Revision has engineered yet one more eye-protective innovation: OcuMax Plus, an anti-fog lens coating that deters for as long as 100 seconds the water condensation that would otherwise collect when external temperatures change abruptly.

OcuMax can be had on the majority of Revision’s eyewear, including its sleek Stingerhawk sunglasses, a low-profile, lens-interchangeable eye-protection piece that, as a nifty video at Revision’s website shows, can absorb without shattering the impact of 1¼-ounce shotshell loads.

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