Sig Sauer has long been a leader in the tactical firearms market and has provided pistols to the most elite military and law enforcement units for decades. Whether on the job, at the range or carried for self-defense, many continue to choose Sig Sauer. Its designs include features that operators have requested based on actual field use, features typically seen on custom-built rifles. Sig’s attention to detail and willingness to listen to those in the field makes it one of the most well respected companies in
the industry. And all this is demonstrated in their complete line of tactical rifles.

SIG551-A1, SIG556, SIG522
The Sig Sauer SIG550 series is a tried and trusted line of tactical rifles. Several variants have been developed for the world’s most elite warriors—the SIG550 series is a work-horse. The original Swiss-built design has proven to be accurate and reliable, and remains the choice of many professionals. The SIG551-A1 continues that legacy, having a gas-piston design and specifications very similar to the original’s. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the SIG551-A1 retains the Swiss polymer magazine and unique folding stock.

The SIG556 was built in the U.S. and is available to the general consumer. Offered in several variations, the SIG556 retains the series’ legendary reliability while being compatible with AR magazines. This has given the rifle a versatility that simply cannot be matched. It retains the full-length gas system with the two-position gas valve, and the SIG556 SWAT Classic model features a railed forend and a 1-pound reduction in overall weight.

The more compact model, the SIG556 Patrol Rifle, shortens the gas system and forend (which comes in polymer or railed), and its compact action helps reduce weight. A quad-rail is standard. The SIG556R introduced in 2012 has the power and versatility of the 7.62x39mm caliber in a proven platform and utilizes AK-47 magazines, with no need for proprietary magazines—the rifle is reliable. The Swiss folding-stock allows for ease of carry and concealment, and a red-dot sight can be added for fast target acquisition. The SIG556R Hunter includes a heavy barrel and target crown and is decorated with the mix-pine camo for concealment.

The SIG556 DMR is all about reliability and precision accuracy. With its 18-inch, match-grade barrel and enhanced single-stage trigger, it is perfectly suited for the designated marksman role. Its Sig Sauer TriRail forend allows for the addition of a bipod and other accessories, and its steel receiver and top rail provide for a solid optics platform. To meet the adaptability requirements of many op-erators, Sig Sauer created the SIG556xi. With ambi-dextrous controls and the ability to move the charging handle to either side, the SIG556xi is truly versatile. A newly design-ed barrel allows for armorers to swap them out in the field, and the short gas system and folding stock keep it compact. Flip-up front and rear sights accommodate red-dot sights or combat optics, and the two-stage trigger provides for the best possible accuracy. The SIG556xi comes standard with a 16-inch barrel—a 10-inch variant is available for entry.

Sig Sauer’s newest line offers affordable training and a ton of fun at the range. The SIG522 has the look and feel of the SIG556 but in the cost-effective .22 LR caliber. The Classic and SWAT models of the SIG522 mimic their namesakes, and the Commando model includes an inert training suppressor and a shorter forend and is threaded to accept real suppressors or other muzzle devices. The SWAT version offers the same features with a railed forend, and it along with the Commando are provided with a mini red-dot sight. Finally, the Target model offers a free-floated handguard, 20-inch barrel and variable-power scope—the Target is perfect for range time or accurate practice at closer ranges.

Sig Sauer’s M400 is a direct gas impingement rifle utilizing the AR platform. The standard model is a no-nonsense, entry-level carbine with an A3 carry handle receiver that can be used with iron sights or removed for the use of a red-dot or optic. The M400 SWAT— a simple and practical police rifle —has a quad-rail, and for those in need of a true flattop, the M400 SRP comes with no front sight, instead having a railed gas block for the addition of your favorite accessories and sighting system. A shorter version of the SRP model, the WELD, offers a pinned and welded flash suppressor mated to a 14.5-inch barrel, bringing the overall length to 16.1 inches. The enhanced version includes a Magpul MOE forend, grip and stock, as well as a flip-up rear sight. Available in either OD green or flat dark earth, the enhanced model can match any area of operation. Lastly, the M400 Hunter provides the perfect platform for varmint hunting. With a 20-inch crowned barrel and full-length gas system, this gun offers excellent accuracy, and the flattop and fixed stock make it perfect for your favorite optic. Available in mix-pine camo or black, it meets just about any hunter’s needs.

The SIG516 series of rifles is fast becoming a favorite among operators and officers. Utilizing the AR platform with a proven four-position, adjustable gas-pis-ton design, the SIG516 is one of the most reliable AR-type rifles around. This system accommodates variances in ammunition and the use of a suppressor. Each SIG516 comes with Sig Sauer’s fully supported extractor and a free-floated, chrome-lined barrel built to military standards.

Rugged and reliable, the SIG516 Patrol has a mil-spec trigger; flip-up sights; and a Magpul MOE stock, pistol grip and PMAG. In keeping with our current areas of operation, it is also available in a flat dark earth Cerakote finish. (An OD green version is also available.) The last of the Patrol series is the SIG516 Russian, chambered in 7.62x39mm. This rifle has all the same features of the SIG516 Patrol but uses an AR-style magazine chambered in the 7.62x39mm caliber.

The SIG516 Precision Marksman meets the demands of those in harm’s way. The rifle adds an 18-inch barrel with a 1-in-7-inch twist rate for use with the heavier bullets, as well as a Magpul UBR stock for use with dedicated optics. The Precision Marksman offers the best possible accuracy in a DMR rifle.

Featuring all of the SIG516’s enhanc-ements (ergonomics, sling attachments, gas system) and taking the weapon to its next logical step, the SIG716 utilizes the proven 7.62x51mm cartridge. The SIG716 four-position, adjustable gas system allows this rifle to be used with various ammunition and many suppressors. The 16-inch barrel is free-floated and mounted into a solid quad-rail system. The matching flattop receiver accepts any of the many flip-up sighting systems available. A Magpul ACS adjustable stock is added for complete comfort, and by using the now-prolific Magpul PMag 20-round magazines, the SIG716 is compatible with many vest systems and other accessories. Just like the SIG516, the SIG716 is available in flat dark earth. With a complete Cerakote finish, the Patrol FDE is perfect for those in need of a rifle that fades into the background. The SIG716 Patrol ODG adds OD green accessories, including green rail covers. The SIG716 is one of the most reliable and versatile AR-platformed rifles in the bigger 7.62mm caliber and remains the first choice for many of our most elite warriors.

Sig Sauer remains one of the most trusted weapons manufacturers in the world—many of its weapons are used by the most elite warriors and officers. Sig’s latest line of rifles continues its tradition of quality, reliable, operator-driven weapons, and with so many models on offer, just about anyone can find a Sig rifle to suit their needs. We can only look forward to what the future holds. For more information, visit or call 866-619-1128.

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