Guns for Women in India
Guns for Women in India

A lightweight revolver titled after a young woman who was victim of an attack, and given the pseudonym “Nirbhaya” was developed for women in Delhi, India.
Per the gun manufacturer it will help women protect themselves amid rising gender-based violence .

The .32 Bore revolver has a light frame, a simple shooting mechanism and is “ideal to fit inside a purse or small handbag”, and the firearm has been designed by the state-run arms manufacturer the Indian Ordnance Factory (IOF) and called “Nirbheek”, meaning “fearless” in Hindi.

“Expectedly, the weapon has received a very good response,” stated Abdul Hameed, general manager of the IOF in the city of Kanpur, confirming that 80 percent of orders so far had come from women.

Not all women believed carrying a handgun would help to protect them against an assault. “There is nothing they can do to a woman with a gun that they cannot to one without,” Shalini Seth, a medical executive, told the Times of India. “In rape, the threat is not so much to life and a weapon may not be helpful once a tormentor has prevailed on his prey.”

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