The Active Pro Gear Thigh Holster is designed to allow women to wear a dress or skirt and not need to carry a large purse in order to conceal carry. The holster is worn around the thigh and secured with a hook and loop closure. Now women can conceal carry in form fitting skirts and dresses.

* The Thigh Holster allows you to wear your gun on the inside or outside of your thigh.
* The retention strap keeps your gun securely in place. It can be trimmed to fit your specific gun.
* Comes with a specially designed belt strap that prevents the holster from sliding down. The belt simply wraps around your waist, and attaches to the holster with Velcro. (For waist sizes up to 39 inches.)
* Made of high-quality, breathable, four inch elastic with hook and loop closure. This specially made elastic has a plush finish on the side that touches your skin for a smooth, comfortable all-day or night fit.
* The hook and loop closure insures a secure, adjustable fit and easy on and off.
* Available in black or white and beautifully accented with purple or black decorative accent and lace.
* Available in 4 lengths, Small (18-21″), Medium (22-25″), Large (26-29”) and XLarge (30-33″). Use a measuring tape to measure around fullest part of the thigh, about 5 or 6 inches above your knee for best fit.
* Two models to choose from. This holster is intended for small to subcompact, lightweight guns with single stack magazines.
Available in right or left hand draw.
* Made in the USA

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