New for 2014, American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) and Gun Club of America (GCA) have joined forces to create a series of new armorer courses which highlight how the course-specific firearm is designed to operate through disassembly, reassembly, cleaning and much more. They’ve also unveiled their new professional firearms appraiser course. Scroll down to watch a video for more information.

Hosted by master gunsmith Bob Dunlap, the armorer course for the Ruger SR9/40/45 takes the student through the history of the Ruger SR series pistols in terms of the different types of design. After that, Dunlap goes into the design and function of the gun by discussing subjects such as the operation of the two firing pin blocking safeties, the loading-chambering-ignition-extraction-ejection-reloading cycle, the cam lock system, the loaded chamber indicator, the operation and interaction of the trigger bar/disconnector, sear and the hammer, and much more. Finally, Dunlap demonstrates the disassembly of the Ruger SR9.

Bob Dunlap returns to host the armorer course for the Springfield 1903 & ’03A3 Rifles, which, similar to the Ruger course, goes into the history of the Springfield 1903 & ’03A3. The design & function portion of the course illustrates the feeding and ejection and the operation of the ejector, the functionality of a snap-over extractor, Bolt lock-up, locking cam, and striker operation, and more. This course also tackles disassembly, reassembly, troubleshooting and repair.

AGI and GCI are also offering armorer’s courses for FNH FNP Series Pistols, Ruger LCP/LC9 and Kel-Tec P-3AT Pistols, the Charter Arms Bulldog Revolver and Beretta Px4 Storm Pistols.

Also new for 2014, AGI and GCA are offering a new professional firearms appraiser course, which contains hundreds of hours of interviews with the top appraisers in the country. It is available on DVD, CD and print.

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