Utah-based ammunition company Barnes Bullets is off to a strong start to 2014 with the introduction of their new 120-grain TAC-TX bullet for .300 AAC blackout. For their VOR-TX ammo line, Barnes is also adding .338 Lapua. In addition, they’re now offering the TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition in .357. Finally, they are releasing a limited 25th anniversary edition of their all-copper Barnes X-Bullet. Scroll down to watch a video for more information about the latest from Barnes Bullets.

The new 120-grain TAC-TX bullet for Barnes’ VOR-TX ammo line is designed specifically for the .300 AAC blackout. The 120-grain TAC-TX has a long profile which allows for optimum feeding in the AR platform. It also has a boattail base with a high ballistic coefficient, and Barnes’signature all-copper construction which makes it a perfect choice for both hunting and defense applications. The new 120-grain will be available beginning in February 2014.

Also new for 2014, Barnes Bullets is adding .338 Lapua to their VOR-TX line of ammunition for long-range shooters. Additionally, their popular TAC-XPD ammunition, which is currently offered in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45 auto, will soon be offered in .357. The TAC-XPD is an all-copper bullet in a pistol configuration. It is a nickel-plated, deep hollow-point cavity expand bullet which is suitable for personal defense.

Lastly, Barnes Bullets is releasing a limited 25th anniversary edition of their landmark all-copper, expanding X-Bullet, first introduced by owner Randy Brooks in 1989 in .270, .30 cal, 7mm, .375, .416 and .458. This hunting bullet is one of the reasons that Barnes Bullets is regarded as a leader in the US guns and ammunition industry.

The company was founded by Fred Barnes, who began large-scale manufacturing of Barnes Bullets in 1939. In 2010, they officially unveiled their popular VOR-TX line of ammunition.

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