Keep your electronics safe from prying eyes with the BLACKHAWK! Under the Radar bags. Even when powered down and turned off, devices emit a slight electronic pulse that can be identified by thieves using sophisticated detection devices. This allows them to hone in on your valuable electronics to either steal or access private information. Designed to block these electronic transmissions, Under the Radar removes your electronic signature and protects your data and your gadgets.

* Incorporates Zero Trace signal blocking technology
* Protects electronic devices from remote exploitation by blocking
incoming and outgoing signals
* Helps prevent tracking of devices
* Shields against unwanted reading of RFID technology found in
* U.S. passports, driver’s licenses, IDs and credit cards
* Constructed of 1050 denier nylon
* Electromagnetic interior lining blocks incoming or outgoing
signals with roughly 33dbm of attenuation
* Durable carry handle and removable padded shoulder strap
* Metal drain hole in main compartment

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