Abu Dhabi-based Caracal is returning in 2014 with a host of new products, including the CS 308, the CC10 and second-generation CP 660 pistol. Scroll down to watch a video containing more information about these new products from Caracal.

The Caracal CS 308 is a precision rifle chambered in .308 and designed and manufactured at the Caracal facility in Abu Dhabi. It has a muzzle velocity of 900-1000 m/s, a barrel length of 720 mm (28.3 in), a twist rate of 1:10, 1:11 and 1:12, a stainless steel bolt, a receiver made from aerospace grade aluminum, and a detachable and adjustable stock also made from aerospace grade aluminum. Simply put, this rifle is built with the quality that Caracal is known for.

The Caracal CC10 is a semi-auto Carbine suitable for sport, personal defense and law enforcement applications. It will be available in two variants, the CC10 SB (short barrel) and the CC10 LB (long barrel). The CC10 is chambered in 9x19mm, has a barrel length of 16.1 in (long) and 9.3 in (Short), a steel frame, ambidextrous magazine release, and much more. The CC10 from Caracal will have a limited release in 2014, with hopes of major distribution beginning in 2015.

The CP 660 is a second-generation pistol from Caracal. It is chambered in 9x19mm with an 18-round magazine capacity, it weighs 1056 grams (2.3 pounds) loaded, a barrel length of 104 mm (4 in), a 250 mm (9.8 in) length of twist, an adjustable dovetail rear sight, and a trigger travel of 8 mm. The CP 660 is a durable, accurate pistol which will be available in the US towards the end of 2014.

Specifications: Caracal CS 308
Caliber: .308
Muzzle Velocity (m/s): 900-1000
Effective Range (m): 600-800
Barrel Length (mm): 720
Barrel Twist Rate (in): (1:10)- (1:11)- (1:12)
Length (mm): 1275
Height (mm): 208
Width (mm): 53
Weight (Kg): 6,8
Operation: Bolt action
Recoil Absorption System: N/A
Feed System: 5 round detachable magazine
Safety Unit: On trigger
Trigger 2-Stage: 2-Stage, Fully adjustable Hooked shape trigger
Stock: Aerospace grade aluminum, Detachable and adjustable
Receiver: Aerospace grade aluminum
Bolt: Stainless steel

Specifications: Caracal CC10
Total Length: 885 mm > 34.84 in
Barrel Length (LB): 410 mm > 16.1 in
Barrel Length (SB): 235 mm > 9.3 in
Width: 44 mm > 1.73 in
Height: 188 mm > 7.28 in
Weight: With LB 2,917 g > 6,40lbs ( without ammunition ), With SB 2,729 g > 6,01lbs
Trigger Weight: 1,3-1,5 kg. (2,8-3,3 lbs)
Stock: Synthetic
SafetyDevices: Manual Safety, Trigger, blocking safe, Bolt anti recoil
Grip Areas: Anti Slide (Texturized)
Frame: Steel
Barrel: Removable
Rail Up: Scopes for M.I.L. STD
Butt Stock: Removeble with Storage Area
Rail Down: Accessories M.L.L. STD
Magazine: Ambidextrous

Specifications: Caracal CP 660
Caliber/STD: 9 x 19
Caliber/Optional: –
Action: Striker(Locked breech)
Weight (Grams): 750
Loaded (Approx.) (Grams): 1056
MAG. Capacity/Standard(cartridges): 18
Optional: –
Length (mm): 193
Grip Width (mm): 29
Height with Magazine(incl. sights) (mm): 138
Length between Sights (mm): 164
Barrel Length (mm): 104
Length of Twist (mm): 250
Trigger Pull: 2.2kg
Trigger Travel: 8mm

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