Chiappa New for 2014
Chiappa New for 2014

New for 2014, Chiappa has expanded their popular line of triple barrel shotguns. They’ve also introduced the new X-Caliber combination shotgun/rimfire rifle, brand new for 2014. Scroll down to watch a video showcasing the latest products from Chiappa.

The popular series of Chiappa triple barrel 12 gauge shotguns now includes a 20 gauge wood model with a 3.5″ chamber, 26″ barrel, Remington choke tubes, a 3×3″ Magnum capacity and a weight of 7.5 pounds. The new 20 gauge also comes in Max-5 Realtree and Realtree Xtra, as well as black synthetic. The new 20 gauge triple barrel shotgun from Chiappa is perfect for hunting.

Also new for 2014, the Chiappa X-Caliber is a break-open/folding 12 gauge/.22 LR over & under combination shotgun/rimfire survival rifle. It comes with adapters which allow the shooter to use eight different pistol calibers (.380, 9mm, .357mag/.38sp, .40 S&W, .44mag, .45 ACP, .410/.45colt) and two shotgun calibers (410 ga, 20ga), which means it can fire up to 12 different calibers altogether. Moreover, the steel-barreled X-Caliber weighs 5.8 pounds, is capable of bending in two to reach a total length of 18.5″ and has a polypropylene, durable and ergonomic foam stock. The X-Caliber from Chiappa also has three picatinny quad rails for accessory mounting, and a fixed fiber optic front sight combined with an M1-style rear sight which is adjustable for windage and elevation. The X-Caliber is a unique and innovative shotgun/rimfire combination.

Specifications: Chiappa X-Caliber
Caliber: 2¾” – 3” 12gauge/22LR with 8 caliber adapters included (380-9mm-357mag/38sp, 40S&W, 44mag, 45acp, 410/45colt-20ga)
Type: Over & Under combination shotgun/rimfire rifle – survival
Action: Folding break open
Feeding: Single shot with extractors
Barrel: Steel
Trigger System: Double triggers
Front Sight: Fixed fiber optic
Rear Sight: M1 style adjustable elevation and windage
Safeties: Top tang manual
Finish: Matt black; steel and polypropylene foam stock

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