Attorney Cameron Monti has written a book about Illinois' concealed carry law.
Attorney Cameron Monti has written a book about Illinois' concealed carry law.

A Chicago area attorney has penned a new book about the Illinois concealed carry law. “Illinois’ Firearm Concealed Carry Law FAQ Handbook” by Cameron Monti, Esq. is a book which “outlines the new law step by step, providing guidance for attorneys, gun owners, distributors, business owners, and others who may interact with various segments of the law in some way,” according to a press release. It is available on

The new book follows on the heels of another book written by Monti, which concerns Illinois’ medical marijuana law.

“These are two very significant new pieces of legislation in our state that came together in a rather short time frame,” said Monti. “The concealed carry law is a bit different in that Illinois is the last state to put this into law so there was more of a history from which Springfield could draw information.”

In his book, Monti discusses workplace rules for concealed carry, as well as public establishments which can be gun-free zones and how a concealed carry gun will affect a police traffic stop, among other topics.

“At Lavelle Law we are establishing dialogue with our clients to help them to transition to new operating conditions with these laws in place,” said Monti. “The new book on concealed carry should help point them in the direction of understanding what questions to ask and which sections of their operation could be affected by the law.”

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