Classic Old West Styles – Saddlebags & Holsters

Classic Old West Styles’s (COWS) antique saddlebags and the latest buscadero rigs. COWS makes the saddlebags for use in movies, but they are also available for individuals. COWS can make saddlebags and holsters look as old or trail worn as required.

The saddlebags shown with full aging look like antiques but were made this year! COWS also matches styles and designs for specific periods from the 1840s to the turn of the century, and all of the hand-carved patterns are true to the period. Also shown is a new 4-inch drop, single-loop holster and belt. The holster is fully lined and has a rollover edge in contrasting color.

COWS Old West Courier’s bag is another movie prop that is now available for Old West enthusiasts. Like the COWS saddlebags, the Courier’s Bag can be made in any level of distressed finish with period-correct hand carving. The Rough Out Holster combines a 2-inch drop with a silver buckle over the loop. The holster is also lined with a rollover edge like the COWS “Hollywood” rig.

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