Illinois Gun Check Application

The Cook County Sheriff’s office has identified an estimate of 120 concealed carry applications it plans to contest, since the online application process was opened to most state residents on January 5th. Chicago Police Department officials, locked in a battle to control high-profile gang violence, stated they are also worried about keeping up with the flood of applications, while downstate sheriff’s departments said they might not have the capacity to meet the new law’s vetting requirement in the time allowed.

Illinois State Police officials insist a full state review will assure that permits don’t land in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. And with 90 days to do the job after the 30-day window closes for local law enforcement agencies to make their objections, the agency has far more time than its counterparts in some other states, including Pennsylvania, where law enforcement has 45 days to investigate, and Wisconsin, where the state has 21 days.

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