Crosman GF600 CO2 Revolver
Crosman GF600 CO2 Revolver

GF600 CO2 Powered 8-Shot Revolver

The new Game Face Airsoft GF600 CO2 powered semi-auto revolver features a full metal body for a solid feel and eight individual cartridges that fit conveniently into the revolver’s realistic, swing-out cylinder. While most airsoft revolvers only provide six shots, the GF600 delivers 30% more shots with powerful velocities of 425 fps. Fire all 8 chambers as fast as you can pull the trigger.

* Model Number – ACG357
* BB Velocity – Up to 425 fps
* Weight – 2
* Mechanism – Semi-Auto Repeater
* Power Source – CO2
* Caliber – 6mm
* BB Reservoir – 8
* Barrel – Aluminum
* Front Sight- Fixed Blade
* Rear Sight – Fully Adjustable
* Safety – Slide
* Material – Synthetic
* Color – Black

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