DoubleTap .357 Sig
DoubleTap .357 Sig

DoubleTap’s new, 80-grain .357 SIG DT Tactical ammunition is very useful in short-barreled semi-autos. Designed specifically for short-barreled pistols popular for concealed carry, it leaves the muzzle of a 4.5-inch barrel at 1,755 fps and generates 528 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. From a 3-inch-barreled gun, the new .357 SIG generates 1,600 fps and generates 454 foot-pounds of energy. DoubleTap .357 SIG DT Tactical Ammo penetrates 16.25 inches in 10 percent ballistic gelatin, and the point of impact is dead-on with most sights at 7 yards while being about 1 inch low at 25 yards. For more information, visit

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