Machined from solid bar stock aluminum, this flashlight features a 230 lumen bulb that easily outshines, and outperforms other flashlights with twice their lumen rating. This feat is achievable thanks to ExtremeBeam’s SuperLumen technology that uses a precision engineered reflecting cone that captures nearly all of the light produced from the powerful LED bulb.

The end result is a powerful tune-focusable central beam with a light projection of over 330 meters for 7 hours while on high, making this one of the farthest reaching sport-tactical light of its size in the industry.

Like all ExtremeBeam flashlights, the M4 Scirrako is given the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship. Not only are the entire body and reflecting cone slow machined from dense solid bar stock aluminum, the flashlight features a micro-textured body for increased grip even when wet, tri-cut glass for greater durability, double O-ring seals for up to 30 feet of waterproof protection and an anti-glare stealth coating.

* Anti-Recoil up to .50Cal BMG
* Weight (with battery): 186 grams (6.56 ounces)
* Total Length: 150mm (5.9 inches)
* Head Bezel Width: 44.7mm (1.76 inches)
* Main Body Width: 25.5mm (1 inch)
* Light Volume: 230 lumens
* Light Projection: 333 meters (1090 feet)
* Average Run Time: 7 hours (high) 12 hours (low) 10 hours (strobe)
* Waterproof: 30 feet
* Battery Type: Two 3.0-3.6 volt CR 123 batteries
* Modes: High-Low-Strobe-Off

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