FACT: A child is reported missing or abducted, every 40 seconds in the United States according to the Department of Justice!

The staff of Kajukenbo AZ doesn’t want women and children of the valley to be afraid, they want them to be prepared to defend themselves! Each quarter, the school hosts its Self-Defense classes for women and children at both the Mesa/Tempe and Gilbert locations at no charge. They just ask for your help in spreading the word!

The 60-minute instruction covers a variety of useful and powerful techniques including kicks, strikes, defenses from front grabs, hair pulls, back grabs, arm grabs and even verbal techniques. Children will increase their awareness of their surroundings, learn new skills and gain confidence!

Fact: The best way for a child to stop a bully is for that child to feel confident. A self-defense class can give children and teens the self-confidence and enhances the skills they need to walk away from a bully’s challenge without long-lasting damage OR, if necessary, defend him or herself.

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