Concealed Carry Training
Concealed Carry Training

Now that Illinois’ concealed carry law is in effect, more state residents will become legal gun owners, but not without the proper training to gain their permits.
For these gun owners, it is the initial day to commence firearms training in order to receive their conceal carry license.

“I’ve been an avid shooter all my life, but I’m learning a lot more. I thought I knew something before I came here,” stated John Garver, who is taking a concealed carry course.

Garver worked for the Department of Corrections for 21 years, and since then he’s been waiting for the state to pass this law.

“I made a few enemies working in there and I don’t know where or when I could run into them,” he says.

His classmate at Van Sandt’s Academy is here for the same reason.

“I find this training important especially if someone has never handled a firearm before. They run through all the aspects of proper gun safety,” says Todd Glick.

Aspects like grip and stance, maintenance, and specifics of the new law are all part of the 16 hour training.

“Where they have taken things for granted before we are pointing out how quick accidents can happen by teaching safety techniques and how to be proper when handling a firearm,” says William Behnke, Assistant Instructor, Van Sandts Academy.

At the shooting range they learn something not taught in the classroom, being mental prepared.

“Before they apply for a conceal carry permit think it through, is it something you really want to do and recognize the responsibilities that go with it,” says Behnke.

“When we are on the range it teaches us certain things that we do automatically then we get into a difficult situation that takes over and even though we may not be as calm as we are on a range we have trained our bodies to react a certain way to handle those situations,” says Dave Bailey, who has completed the training.

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