Pepperalarm RS101 Alarm System

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The Pepperalarm RS101 alarm system provides instant protection from would-be robbers by using a 1.8 oz. canister of Sabre OC pepper spray as a form of home defense. Although the Pepperalam RS101 was designed as a DIY stand-alone device, it can also connect to any existing 12 volt burglar alarm system by a qualified alarm technician.


Pepperalarm RS101 Features:

* NO monthly monitoring fee
* compact and attractively discreet
* arm and disarm by remote wireless key fob
* easy do-it-yourself installation – about 15 minutes
* battery operated – not affected by power outage
* built-in PIR (passive infrared) motion detector
* adequate ENTRY and EXIT time delay
* Panic Button function mode
* empty aerosol canister indicator
* easily reloaded without tools
* worldwide patent pending
* Instant Protection

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