The PISTOLERO Pistolaser is an innovative product exclusively manufactured by Robert Louis Co, Inc in the USA to enable the practicing and training pistol shooter to “shoot” his game with his own gun in the privacy of his home.

The PistoLaser comes in five (5) color-coded caliber spuds in 22, 9mm/357, 40, 44, and 45 calibers so you can use it with any pistol or revolver.
* Silver – 22
* Red – 9mm/357
* Blue — 40
* Green — 44
* Gold – 45

The Pistolero PistoLaser is easy to use and will not harm the finest gun or muzzle.
Instinct, tactical and basic target practice is accomplished with no special reactive targets required to indicate hits.
Using your own gun ( pistol or revolver) the high intensity red laser instantly shows the hit without the requirement for wracking the slide, cocking the hammer or destructive clicking of the gun.
Very popular with coaches the introduction to proper sight picture and gun handling is made that much easier without the necessity to discharge the firearm–and all done with the students own gun.
Practice is the key to excellence in any endeavor and the PISTOLERO gives the practicing shooter the trigger time required to attain the level of performance that he is capable of reaching.
All of this without using expensive ammo or time consuming trips to the range.

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