Ask The Pros: Robert Vogel

For the May 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, former police officer and current competitive shooter Robert Vogel sat down for an extensive Q&A session with the magazine. Among the many topics discussed, Vogel shared details about his pistol and ammo preferences for competition and how he evolved into one of the world’s most recognized shooting champions.

“I discovered IDPA competition when I was 19 and in the police academy. I read about it in a magazine and decided to try it out. I found the closest club, which was still an hour away, and just showed up at their monthly match,” Vogel says in his interview when asked about competitive shooting tournaments. “These sports I believe do the best job of balancing accuracy, power and speed, which are crucial if you’re trying to keep things real. The shooting in these disciplines is very much the same as the shooting required in most law enforcement training.”

In terms of his firearms preferences during a tournament, Vogel says he considers a range of options when he’s preparing for a competition.
“Depending on the competition, I compete with a 9mm, a .40 and sometimes a .45 ACP. For real-life carry purposes I often carry a Glock 35 in .40. Personally, I don’t think it matters much with the right ammunition,” says Vogel. “I’ve shot Glocks exclusively for about eight years now and probably have close to 20. I don’t have a favorite, as they all have their purposes, but I do really enjoy shooting Limited [class] with my long-slide Glock 24.”

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