In the upcoming 2014 edition of Glock Autopistols, your one-stop shop for everything Glock, Massad Ayoob writes, “For some time now, the Glock catalog has offered shooters a wide array of gun sizes and calibers. For the Glock aficionado, this induces salivation; but to a new shooter, it can be a bit bewildering. There are numerous approaches to choosing a Glock, each with its own advantages. Just as a vocation may take you along an unexpected career path, individual needs and experiences may take the Glock shooter along his or her own highly personalized ‘collection path.’”

Ayoob continues, “Glock produces its standard-frame pistols in five different formats, and its large-frame guns can be had in two more. Working from the smallest up in the standard frames, we have the subcompact series, which has roughly the same footprint as the snub-nose, small-frame .38 revolvers of old. These would be the 11-shot Glock 26 in 9×19, the 10-shot Glock 27 in .40 and Glock 33 in .357 and the seven-shot Glock 39 in .45 G.A.P.—a huge firepower improvement over the five-shot .38. Known colloquially as “baby Glocks,” these four autopistols have 3.42-inch barrels. Next up are the compacts, which can be fit into a box sized for a six-shot 1927 Detective Special. The compacts include the 16-shot Glock 19 (9×19), the 14-round Glock 23 (.40) and Glock 32 (.357), and the nine-shot Glock 38 (.45 G.A.P.). All share a 4.01-inch barrel length.

“Next up are the standard size, or service size, models. In 9×19, we have the original Glock 17, constructed to hold 18 cartridges when fully loaded. Sixteen is the round count for the Glock 22 in .40 and the GLOCK 31 in .357. Glock’s standard-size .45 G.A.P. is the 11-shot Glock 37. All four have 4.48-inch barrels.”
To learn more about Glock’s extensive inventory and how to choose the best pistols for your needs, check out the 2014 edition of Glock Autopistols, available on newsstands and digitally January 14, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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In the upcoming 2014 edition of Glock Autopistols, your one-stop shop for everything Glock,…