For the Handgun Hide column in the May 2014 COMBAT HANDGUNS, contributor Zack Carlson examined the ever-increasing number of carry options for the concealed-carry market. From shoulder holsters to inside-the–waistband (IWB) to pocket carry, Carlson identifies the pros and cons of each method and how to personalize them for maximized comfort and security.

“For standard inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry there are many popular options. PJ Holsters makes a fantastic line of Kydex holsters for many pistols and in several different configurations,” says Carlson in his review. “This is a treat for people who need to slip the holster on and off multiple times a day. The holster is very thin and light compared to a leather holster. It provides great retention, is sweat proof and stays open while the pistol is drawn, allowing for easy re-holstering.”

Carlson then goes on to detail several considerations for pocket carry, including pants styles and sizes. “Pocket carry really shines in comfort. The biggest drawback to pocket carry for me is that it sacrifices a pocket that I would normally dedicate to my phone, as it is recommended that you do not carry anything else in the same pocket to avoid confusion while drawing. You also have to be more selective when purchasing pants to ensure they have an adequate opening to get the pistol in and out efficiently.”

The author then moved on to ankle carry, which offers similar restrictions to pocket carry and limited access to your firearm. “An ankle holster provides a carry method when no other carry method is feasible. The main requirements are that you have pants that are long enough to conceal the holster and that the grip of the gun isn’t long enough to create pant-leg fit issues.”

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