Stone Age Practicality

For the Survival column in the May 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES, author Tim Stetzer examined a prehistoric-looking blade inspired by tools discovered during excavations of the Red Desert region near Farson, Wyoming. Aptly called the Farson Blade, the simple, hand-filling design from Fremont Knives looks to provide all-around utility in the outdoors.

“The Farson Blade takes the simplicity of its stone predecessor and updates it with a much more durable stainless steel alloy and some modern design touches. The blade is cut from a flat piece of 0.14-inch-thick unspecified high-carbon stainless steel treated to a 56-58 Rockwell, and has a sharpened edge that runs along the front side of the tool and follows along all the way to the top side,” notes Stetzer in his review.

“A roughly D-shaped cutout is provided in the tool to act as a handle. This handle is wrapped by 8 feet of paracord secured via two holes drilled into the back of the blade,” says Stetzer. “A set of grooved serrations is located at the top of the spine to provide you with some traction when using the tool. A simple nylon pouch with a belt loop and Velcro closure is provided to carry the Farson Blade.”

Around the campsite, Stetzer put the Farson Blade to work through a variety of chores, including implementing the blade into a makeshift hatchet. “In addition to basic knife use, the Farson can also be used in conjunction with a wooden baton to split larger pieces of wood, which I did when making a fire. The grooved thumb serration and the flat, unsharpened portion at the base of the blade worked with a ferro rod to actually get the fire going. I tried undoing the paracord and using it to lash the Farson Blade to a branch to make an impromptu hatchet as well.”

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