Glock’s Next-Gen Defenders

The new year brought with it eagerly anticipated new designs from Glock. The Glock 41 Gen4 and Glock 42 offer reliable firepower for full-size and concealed-carry users, respectively, and feature the renowned durability associated with the brand. James Schaffer reviewed the G41 and G42, along with the compact but potent G30S, for the May 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS.

Schaffer began his review with the .45-caliber G41. “The G41 has an outline reminiscent of the earlier “Practical/ Tactical” models in 9mm and .40 calibers,” writes Schaffer. “The Glock 
Safe Action system, with its adjustable trigger-pull weight capability, is included in the design and contributes to the gun’s competition-worthy range results. The extended slide length of 8.31 inches gives users a sight radius right at 7.5 inches, a length that also has a salutatory influence on accuracy.”

Moving to the other end of the size scale, Schaffer noted how the G42 in .380 ACP boasts an ultra-slim frame for superior concealed-carry use. “Externally, it mimics the iconic silhouette of a Glock pistol. Close examination, however, reveals some interesting and subtle differences. This is a super-slim-line Glock—it’s not even an inch thick (rather, 0.94 inches)! The frame texture is of the Gen4 type, but its roughness has been subdued—as befits a gun that will spend much of its life hidden in or under clothing and perhaps next to bare skin.”

Schaffer also examined the Glock 30S, a compact .45 model with deep roots in the law enforcement community. “Designed to
 the specifications of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Investigation Section (SIS), which was looking for a powerful, concealable handgun that would give them an edge over today’s heavily armed bad guys, the G30S is in essence a Glock 36 slim-slide mounted onto a Glock 30 SF (Short Frame) frame,” writes Schaffer. “As an added bonus, the Glock 30 frames accept the larger Glock 21 13-round magazines, giving the gun a totally loaded capacity of 14 rounds of powerful .45 ACP.”

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