While a “megafolder” draws attention all by itself, put that type of knife in a movie, in this case The Expendables, and you’ve got an instant classic. Phil Elmore reviewed HTM’s Darrel Ralph AXD 5.5 for the May 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES to determine if the intimidating Bowie design was truly tough enough.
“First introduced in 2002, the AXD is one of knife-maker Darrel Ralph’s more popular models. Given its size, it fits easily in the ‘megafolder’ category of blades. Blade size is a matter of personal preference. There is little a 3-inch blade can do that a 5.5-inch blade cannot, but the leverage and power of a 5.5-inch blade make it capable of larger chores. It also makes the knife potentially intimidating in a self-defense encounter,” writes Elmore in his review. “Depending on how you measure it (the AXD is all sweeping curves and bold angles), you have 5 inches of cutting edge in a package that is 11.5 inches overall and 6 inches closed, weighing just over 6 ounces. That makes the AXD 5.5 comparable to the average military fixed-blade knife in size and cutting potential.”

Elmore continues, “Fit and finish are excellent throughout, as one would expect
 from Darrel Ralph and Hand Tech 
Made Knives. The knife blade is opened by swiping the index finger on the ‘flipper’ guard (which 
is textured to provide purchase).
 It snaps open smoothly and locks
 with authority. There is absolutely 
no play in any direction. The frame lock engages the knife tang firmly with plenty of room for wear and is easily disengaged with one hand.”

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