For the May 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, Dave Bahde reviewed a powerful new 10mm 1911 model from Kimber—the Kimber TLE/RL II. Designed with input from the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT unit (who carry it as a sidearm in .45 ACP), the Kimber TLE defines tactical stopping power.
“One of the most popular 1911 pistols designed to meet the need for light and laser attachment is the Kimber TLE/RL II,” says Bahde in his review. “It is simple, rugged and includes
a rail for the addition of a tactical light. Although designed by a SWAT team, it has gained traction among civilian 1911 shooters…. Once only available in .45 ACP, the 10mm option adds an entirely new dimension to this pistol.”

Aside from reviewing the gun itself, Bahde also describes the renewed popularity in the 10mm cartridge among self-defense shooters. “Much like the 1911 pistol, the 10mm cartridge is experiencing a resurgence. It has a number of advantages and continues to stick around, slowly winning over new shooters,” says Bahde. “Accuracy with the 10mm can be astounding. It remains one of the flattest shooting pistol cartridges you can carry, providing for usable accuracy in a pistol out to 100 yards.”.

On the range, the Kimber TLE/RL II didn’t disappoint by providing reliable accuracy despite its big-bore ammo. “A fully supported stainless steel, match-grade barrel is fitted to the steel slide. Cocking serrations are situated at the front and back. The full-length guide rod maintains solid accuracy, while the stainless steel bushing ensures reliability,” notes Bahde. “Heating things up, this pistol never missed a beat….Pretty much as fast as the trigger could be pulled, the RL II just kept running.”

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