Pro-Tech Half-Breed

In response to the blade-length restrictions in states like California, knife-makers are constantly trying to update designs to allow for legal concealed carry. In the case of the Pro-Tech Half-Breed, however, this redesign has brought together two of the Pro-Tech’s classic designs into one. Tim Stetzer reviewed the Half-Breed for the May 2014 issue of TACTICAL KNIVES.

“The Half-Breed is a hybrid that uses the 1.95-inch-long blade of Pro-Tech’s Sprint and mates it to the 4.1-inch handle of their Newport auto,” writes Stetzer in his review. “Why a sub-2-inch blade? Well, as odd as it may seem, automatic knives are legal in California, even if nothing else is! The catch is that it’s only automatics with blades less than 2 inches in length. This has created an interesting niche market for companies such as Pro-Tech.”

According to Stetzer, the Half-Breed’s drop-point blade is exactly the same as the Sprint and is constructed of S35NV stainless steel at a Rockwell hardness of 60. “The factory edge is superb, as I’ve come to expect from all of the Pro-Techs I’ve handled. The Newport handle is about an inch longer than the Sprint’s and is just big enough for me to get all four fingers on comfortably,” notes Dick.

To accompany such a user-friendly design, Pro-Tech also included a pocket clip that left Steven as impressed with its design as he was with the knife itself. “The Half-Breed is a joy to carry. Its thin profile (it’s only 0.39 inches thick) and feathery weight make it disappear in your pocket. The deep-carry pocket clip keeps it discrete, too.”

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