Dennis Adler reviewed the newest addition to Springfield Armory’s XD-S series for the May 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, a .45-caliber model that maintains the pocket-friendly dimensions of the greater XD-S series. Offering 5+1 capacity and single-action (SA) operation, Adler found the XD-S .45 a welcome addition to Springfield’s stable of concealed-carry guns.

“The XD-S series is about more than just achieving size reduction; it is about building a semi-auto that is also strong enough to handle modern .45 ACP personal-defense ammunition while remaining both controllable and accurate,” says Adler in his review. “The XD-S feels more substantial in the hand than expected because it has a nicely sized grip frame and grip safety, and a center of balance in line with the magazine release, which is spaced 3.5 inches from the muzzle.”
At the range, Adler found the XD-S easy to handle and surprisingly accurate for a subcompact pistol. “Internally, the gun’s specialized recoil spring-and-plunger design helps mitigate the recoil one might expect from a comparatively lightweight, polymer-framed handgun, making the XD-S more manageable and quicker to get back on target than expected—quicker in fact than many larger .45 ACP subcompacts,” notes Adler. “…The Springfield XD-S performed admirably, placing all rounds within the nine, 10 and X rings of a B-27 silhouette target.”

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