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For the Rimfires column in the May 2014 issue of COMBAT HANDGUNS, author Jorge Amselle examined the use of .22 LR ammunition and suppression systems as teaching tools for first-time shooters. Amselle argues that a suppressed .22’s reduced recoil and sound signature are important to developing confidence during the early stages of firearms instruction.

“The suppressed .22 rimfire pistol certainly has an aura of mystery and intrigue about it. It looks and feels like it belongs in the pages of a spy novel in the hands of a secret agent on assignment behind the Iron Curtain and in need of discretion,” says Amselle in his review. “There is no question that suppressed .22 pistols are cool, but it’s quite wrong to think of them as some sort of assassin’s weapon. The fact is that they are the ideal beginner’s pistol.”
Amselle continues, “The .22 Long Rifle (LR) rimfire cartridge is already well established as ideal for first-time shooters because of its low recoil. The cartridge’s availability, low cost, and high fun coefficient also make it the most popular all-around cartridge. Adding a suppressor makes it even better, and a growing number of manufacturers are for this very reason including threaded barrels as a standard option on their .22 pistols.”

Further into the article, Amselle describes his own preferences for suppressed .22 models and how they impact performance on the range. “I own a Walther P22 and recently acquired the excellent AAC Element 2 suppressor. Thanks to its titanium construction, 
the suppressor adds only 4 ounces to the pistol, which keeps 
it very light and easy to handle,” says Amselle. “The slight bit of extra weight soaks up some of the already light recoil, and since the extra weight is all at the front it also keeps the muzzle on target with virtually zero climb. This makes shooting fast and staying on target extremely easy.”

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