American shooters want the best guns around, and one way to learn which guns stand out from the rest is to look at the country’s best shooters and see what gear they’re running. In the upcoming 2014 edition of GLOCK AUTOPISTOLS, author Andre’ M. Dall’au goes behind the scenes with the members of Team Glock to find out which guns they use and why.

Dall’au writes, “Asked which Glocks he uses for competition, team captain KC Eusebio replied, ‘I use primarily Glock 34s in 9×19 in both open and production, and for the limited class. I’m having a couple Glock 24 pistols built for USPSA [U.S. Practical Shooting Association] competitions, and I use the Glock 17L for Steel Challenge matches. I really like the longer sight radii on all of those pistols.’

“When asked if the caliber of the pistol matters much, KC said, ‘No, not much. But, I do enjoy using a 9×19 because it has a milder recoil, and I can shoot longer with it.’ Asked which Glock is his favorite, KC noted that, ‘The G34 is my favorite pistol. It is versatile. You can use it in a lot of situations and competitions, so it is a great gun. It also has a little longer sight radius that the G17.’”

To learn more about Team Glock’s favorites, check out the 2014 edition of GLOCK AUTOPISTOLS, available on newsstands and digitally January 14, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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