The Remington 2020 part rifle, part 3-21X range-finding scope!
TrackingPoint’s optic has sensors and a computer that compensate for drop, cant, incline, wind and even target movement for each programmed load!

Digital imagery replaces see-through lenses in the heads-up display. But it’s not a sight you’ll buy separately. You get it from TrackingPoint as part of its “precision-guided” rifles.

The TP sight is load-specific, too, so Remington supplies this ammo: In .30-06, 168-grain MatchKings, 168-grain Barnes TTSXs and 180-grain Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded; in .308, 168-grain MatchKings, 150-grain Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded and 168-grain Barnes TTSXs; and in .223, 69-grain MatchKings, 55-grain AccuTip Varmint and 55-grain TSXs.

The TP scope lasers the range as you “tag” a target. Atmospheric conditions are monitored by the computer, which adjusts for rifle cant and shot angle 54 times per second. The reticle turns a color when your center hold really is on target, signaling you to fire. You can set the level of precision desired. The rifle and sight can be used without the computer assist if you wish.

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