Sarsilmaz SAR 109
Sarsilmaz SAR 109

New for 2014, Turkish-based manufacturer Sarsilmaz has released the new SAR 109 submachine gun. Scroll down to watch a video showcasing the SAR 109.

The Sarsilmaz SAR 109 has a barrel length of 220 mm (8.6″) and is chambered for 9x19mm ammunition. In addition, it weighs 4.9 pounds and has a muzzle velocity of 385 meters (2.6 feet) per second. The Sarsilmaz SAR 109 also has a picatinny rail which makes it easy for the user to mount accessories without having to employ the use of tools. This submachine gun has an overall length of 640mm (25.1″) when folded and 740mm (29.1″) when extended. It is capable of shooting 900 to 1000 rounds per minute.

This new gun from Sarsilmaz has the look of a regular AR-15, but the frames are smaller. It is a lightweight, modular, easy-to-operate blowback action submachine gun which is available for commercial (Semi-Automatic TE 54) and tactical use.

Sarsilmaz is a leading manufacturer of pistols, shotguns, military weapons and firearms technology in Turkey. The manufacturing process takes place in the Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (IAOIZ), which is a 100,000 square meters outdoor and 36,400 square meters indoor facility located in the Düzce province. Sarsilmaz currently exports to 72 different countries around the world, and their products are used by the Turkish Ministry of Defense and all units within the Turkish Armed Forces. The company has been around for 133 years.

Specifications: Sarsilmaz SAR 109

Caliber: 9x19mm
Length: 640mm (25.1″) (folded), 740mm (29.1″) (extended)
Barrel Length: 220mm (8.6″)
Barrel Type: 6 RH (Rifled/Poligonal)
Spin Length: 1/10 inch
Weight: 2265 grams (4.9 lbs) (Empty)
Muzzle Velocity: 385m/s
Rounds Per Minute: 900-1000 rd/min

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