Springfield Armory has announced several new handgun models for 2014. Scroll down to see a video showcasing the new products.

The New XD-S™ 9mm now available with a 4-inch barrel and features a full-size grip with mag x-tension™, a longer sight radius for improved accuracy, less felt recoil, increased muzzle velocity, but can still be concealed with short grip as the 3.3″ barrel XD-S. It’s available in a bi-tone with a stainless slide or a completely black handgun.

Also introducing the RO™ 9mm, a new 1911 designed for entry level competition, holds two more rounds than the previous 1911 .45 ACP handgun and is topped with a fully-adjustable rear target sight for maximum flexibility.

For more information on these handguns and all new products from Springfield Armory, visit their website:

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