Umarex unveiled several new products for 2014, including the FUEL single-shot air rifle and the Walther PPS air pistol. Scroll down to watch a video showcasing these two items.

The Umarex FUEL is powered by the ReAxis gas piston system, which makes the rifle easier to cock and increases the amount of time it stays cocked. Additionally, the ReAxis system creates less recoil and increases the accuracy of the rifle scope. The FUEL also comes with the Umarex RWS lock down mount for the scope. Additionally, the FUEL comes with an integrated bipod which folds up when carrying and folds down when the shooter is ready to shoot. The Umarex FUEL has a SilenceAir noise suppression system, in order to reduce the noise downrange so game aren’t alerted when the rifle is being used. The FUEL is available in .177.

The Umarex PPS air pistol is a CO2 BB replica of the Walther PPS. The polymer framed air pistol has a medal slide with realistic blowback action, as well as a drop-out magazine for the BBs. The back grip of the PPS has a wrench, so as the shooter puts CO2 into the gun, the wrench can be used to pierce the CO2 and charge the gun.

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