Walther PPQ M2 5-Inch

This pistol has a longer barrel and slide for an improved sighting radius, and better performance and controllability in rapid-fire shooting. Those attributes make it the perfect pistol for competition, self-defense or even as a duty handgun.

The PPQ M2 5-Inch comes in either 9mm (15+1) or .40 caliber (11+1), and is striker-fired with a Quick Defense Trigger that is pre-cocked with a constant trigger pull of 5.6 pounds.

Each PPQ M2 5-Inch comes with three replacement backstraps so the individual can fit the ergonomically designed polymer grip frame to his/her hand. The one-piece grip frame is aggressively stippled for a good, firm grip. The matte black steel slide has mock vent holes to decrease weight and improve balance. With an overall length of 8.1 inches and a 5-inch barrel, the PPQ M2 5-Inch weighs only 26 ounces.

Its design lends itself to right- or left-handed shooters since the magazine catch is reversible and easily accessed from either side, plus the extended slide release is ambidextrous.

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