XR9-S Shorty 9mm Handgun

The Platinum Edition is for those of us that want to possess a showpiece firearm that likes to be shot a lot and still looks great afterward. The Platinum Edition’s aircraft-grade aluminum frame has a proprietary Nickel/Chrome Satin Sheen finish – a Boberg Arms exclusive that no other firearm manufacturer can offer.

The trigger, transfer bar and all exposed parts are zirconia-finished natural stainless steel. Zytel grips in your choice of Black, Olive Green or Action Red complement the Platinum’s sleek lines

* Caliber: 9mm / 9mm+P
* Length: 5.1”
* Height: 4.2”
* Width: 0.96”
* Weight: 17.4 oz with magazine
* Barrel Length: 3.35”
* Capacity: 7+1
* Action: Rotating-Barrel Locked-Breech
* Sights: Low-Profile, Dovetail Windage
* Sight Radius: 4.4″
* Trigger Pull: 7.5 lb DAO (standard)
* Safeties: 2

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