Technical Manual & Armorer's Course: Ruger SR9/40/45 Pistol
Technical Manual & Armorer's Course: Ruger SR9/40/45 Pistol

The Technical Manual & Armorer’s Course: Ruger SR SR9/SR40c Pistols is presented by Master Gunsmith, Bob Dunlap who is a renowned expert on many firearms. In this course, Bob discusses the design history of the Ruger SR series pistols, and we get our first look at the various pistols moreover, view some of the similarities and differences in the designs.

The course demonstrates practical instructions in how to get your Ruger SR auto pistol completely apart, clean, troubleshoot, make common repairs, and get your gun back together and operating properly with none of those pesky and embarrassing leftover parts. Bob uses a cut-away gun so that you can actually see how the internal parts function and their relationship to one another. This will help you to understand the design and function of these guns.

If you want the long course, on the design, function and extensive repair of this gun and firearms in general, look into our basic 108 hour Professional Gunsmith course.

* A cut-away gun is used to illustrate and demonstrate the guns design and function, including the mainspring and fire control system
* The operation of the two firing pin blocking safeties is shown, trigger and magazine actuated, and explained
* How the trigger bar/disconnector, sear and the hammer operate and interact is shown and demonstrated
* The loaded chamber indicator on the LC9 is shown and discussed
* The loading, chambering, ignition, extraction, ejection, reloading cycle is shown and described
* Two things an extractor MUST do on a locked breech centerfire pistol
* The cam lock system shown and explained
* Understand how the built in safety systems operate in the pistol
* Magazine catch operation shown

Bob demonstrates complete disassembly of the SR9 pistol, special attention given to parts that should not be disassembled under normal circumstances & why. Noted are parts under spring tension so they are not launched into Never Never Land. Use of a digital camera or cell phone camera during the disassembly is very useful during the reassembly process. Magazine removal and disassembly. Slide, barrel, and recoil spring removal. Learn how to remove the front

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