Anti Bullying - Self Defense

In Kentucky, martial arts instructor John Market advised his student Conner Webb, that the first step to avoid a stranger isn’t a kick or a punch, it’s walking way.

“What’s your favorite food? Pizza? Cheeseburgers? Chocolate cake?” Market asked as Conner shook his head.

“Macaroni and cheese,” Steven Webb, Conner’s dad, said from across the gym.

“Walk away like we’re going to get macaroni and cheese,” Market told Conner.

The lesson was part of a new martial arts and anti-bullying program that teaches children self-respect and self-defense along with responses to bullies and strangers. The first class was held last weekend in the gym at Dixie Valley Church of God in Shively.

The program was created by Superkids USA, and the company plans to offer it in more locations in Louisville as well as other cities nationwide, operating manager Duane Tankersley said. He and others involved with Superkids USA are former martial arts instructors.

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